Some feature requests from a previous Storify user

First of all, it was nice to find an alternative to Storify that worked well enough for us. Thank you for saving our lives for the last 6 weeks.

How did you save our lives? We are the WeAreCisco social media team, a.k.a. the Talent Brand team at Cisco, and every year we run a contest to encourage our employees to tell the world why #WeAreCisco and we #LoveWhereYouWork.

For the past 2 years, we’ve used Storify to log all of our entries on Twitter and Instagram. When we found out Storify was no longer, we nearly had a panic attack.

But there was Listly, so we got ourselves a pro account and made it through our contest. Which was not without some cursing in the background.

We hit your tool pretty hard, but thought that there will be other Storify users who will likely do the same, and thus we’ve compiled a features request list.

Our use case was this. Hold all contest entries on Twitter and Instagram. When we saw an entry that met the requirements for one of 10 categories of finalists, we would relist the image into a new list.

  1. “Bookmarking” where you are in a list when you relist an image

When you relist an image, after closing the success window, we would be taken back to the beginning of a list, rather than where we were in the list when we selected to relist something. It would be a huge time saver if after relisting, to go back in the original list to the spot you left off, rather than restarting the list. Keep in mind, our list of entries is now over the 2000 mark. So getting to #1456 and having to start all over after a relist is eyeball poking.

OR, it would at least be nice if you knew you were on page 3, which holds numbers 76-100, to be able to select from a drop down to go back to that page

  1. Navigation links at top and bottom

Have page forward and page back links at both the top and the bottom of lists. If we can’t land back in the list where we were after relisting, at least don’t make us scroll down the page to get to page 2. Have the page forward and back buttons at the top of the list as well as the bottom.

  1. Keeping filter selected

If you’ve filtered for tags, and you relist, we think that the filter should remain in effect until turned off, without having to reselect the filter each time.

We did a lot of tagging to help us with things like, how many people came through this social channel verses another. We tagged those entries in the last week to see if our comms helped, etc.

Also, once I’ve filtered for tags, and relisted something, when I come back and try to filter it again, I have to reload the page or it won’t filter.

  1. Multi-relisting

Multi-relist – for the love of Pete make this a thing. For example, in our contest, there were teams who wanted to know how many entries came from their team. So we could have an entry that was from Twitter, a finalist in a category AND from a specific team. It would be nice to relist all at once

And making the ability the first time around to add something to several lists (check boxes?) would be amazing.

  1. Add to list by searching via hashtag

This is what I miss the most about Storify. From within the tool, we could do a hashtag search and it would pull in any posts on both Twitter an Instagram with that hashtag. Then we could drag and drop it into the Storify list.

While the Chrome bookmarklet is AMAZING for Twitter, it wasn’t as great for Instagram (we had to open the instagram post on a desktop and copy the link - blerg), and it’s not intuitive. I found out by trial and error that to log the Twitter entries, I had to click on the time stamp of the Tweet. Just opening the tweet didn’t import the image.

To search via hashtag and import in some way would change the game.

  1. I second the request to have a way to import a Storify list

Because I’m dreading having to transfer the entries from the previous 2 years of the contest into Listly. I need an intern! Stat!

  1. Relisting and not keeping the image

Sometimes, when relisting, the image wouldn’t transfer to the new list. I could click on the title of that entry and see the image, but the default L would appear. So I’d have to add them to that list organically, making it a time suck.

And if for some reason you CAN do any of these things and we just didn’t know how, we would LOVE to know how and probably send you cookies.

BUT at the beginning of using Listly something broke or was weird and customer support was super helpful and kept me from losing my mind at having to do double work.

Carmen - Leader of Socialz for Cisco’s Talent Brand

@WeAreCiscoTalentBrand thanks for the detailed post (rant?) :wink: Great ideas and some we’ve seen before. I will huddle with the product team and see what we can knock off over the next few months. Give me a couple of days to respond.

@WeAreCiscoTalentBrand An alpha version of Storify import is available now at

I am still working with the product team on other feedback and ideas. Will have something for you early next week.