Spoiled princess wants to use their own service


Hey we’re a team of music curators and love the service as a possible marketing idea for us. That being said we aren’t in love with zapiers automation and We live on Integromat and automate our entire workflow through it. we were wondering if you could give us the necessary api pieces or integromat up your preference if it’s a classified issue.


Ha Ha! We are all spoiled :slight_smile:

We have an API that you can use and we are also happy to check out integration with Integromat.

Can you please share more information here what you would like to automate? Is it adding items into Listly lists based on some activity elsewhere? Can you list what you’d like to see inside Integromat?


Automatic list building, backing up list to google docs would be preferred. We’re music curators so the ability to database and index our playlist is paramount to our needs


@glitchwitch we were hoping to create an app in Integromat for Listly but haven’t been able to find the time to do so yet. Would you like to try using our API to do some integration yourself? You can find the API documentation here: