Tag Limitations


When copying/pasting a set of tags to either a list or a list item, there is an issue in which only the first 2-3 tags display properly and then the rest are cut off or completely omitted. The workaround I’ve found so far is to copy/paste no more than 3 the first time and then 4 the second time, as it seems there is a hard limit of 7 tags per item/list. Is this correct?


Yes, there is a limit of 7 tags. We had a huge issue with users entering long phrases for tags. We prefer tags to be short and sweet so that it can help with searchability.


Thanks for the follow-up, I appreciate it. What about the copy/paste issue? Is that related somehow? I usually copy/paste sets of tags from RiteTag, but couldn’t seem to paste more than 3-4 at a time without encountering some errors. I wasn’t sure if that was a character limitation or a tag limitation or something that shouldn’t be happening because something has gone wonky somewhere.


@Mixxci can you post here what you are trying to paste in the tag field on Listly? It will help us reproduce the issue.


Sure, for example I have a tag set for a list as such:

But when I copy/paste that set, it cuts off “celebrating” and omits the remainder.

I am able to delete “celeb” and copy/paste the remaining 4 tags. It makes no difference whether or not I add a comma to the end of my set. The issue with cutting the tag set off at “celebrating” (or generally speaking, around the 4th tag listed) happens either way.