Tags uppercase letters

Tags (categories) in my list are written in uppercase, but in embed or on list.ly web page they are written random, some tags have just first letter (of that tag/category word) uppercase others are just written with small letters

We don’t distinguish between uppercase and lowercase in tags. If you enter a tag called “VIDEO”, if there is an existing tag called “video”, then your tag will map to “video”. So essentially you are forced to use the same format as the first person that created that tag.

We could force all the display to capitalized when displayed on screen, but then people won’t be able to tag like “ThisIsCool”. It will be displayed as “Thisiscool”

Thoughts? How can we improve this experience?

I have the same problem with the variable display of lowercase and uppercase. Suggestions: distinguish tags by user instead of all users, distinguish tags by list, last resort if this is the only possibility standardize to lowercase

I will take this suggestion to the product team. Not sure if distinguishing tags by user or by list will prevent us from finding lists/items across lists based on tags. But I will check with the team. Will post an update soon.