The timing of Cesc Fabregas' transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona has caused him remorse, he says

Sergio Busquets, Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, and Cesc Fabregas. In the early 2010s, Barcelona’s midfield choices were somewhat terrifying. The latter, who signed from Arsenal in 2011, was the most recent addition to the team. jersey of barcelona

All four of them spent time in the La Masia program, but Fabregas left in 2003 before getting the chance to play for Catalonia’s first team. He made his debut at Arsenal at the age of 16, and at the time of his departure, he was regarded as a crucial player.

Fabregas discussed the reasoning for his decision to leave Arsenal in favor of a return to Barcelona when appearing on Kammy and Ben’s Proper Football Podcast (as reported by MD).

"I made the decision to return after witnessing everyone playing and winning so brilliantly in Barcelona. Pep (Guardiola) continued to phone and WhatsApp me as well. I made the decision that was what I should do next. barcelona jersey

When Fabregas returned to Barcelona, he was a crucial member of the starting lineup, but Xavi, Iniesta, and Busquets’ presence prevented him from being as prominent as he might have been. He said he regrets the timing of his move to the Blaugrana in hindsight.

Thinking back, I should have given Xavi some more time to calm down before going there to take his position. Yet, the disappointment of going so long without a victory at Arsenal overcame me, and I made the decision to leave.
While at Barcelona, Fabregas undoubtedly left his mark, but he believes that his influence could have been even larger.