The WP Plug-in stopped working on 'some' of my lists

For a while now only some my listly lists are showing up on my wordpress site. I updated the plug-in, but no love. Only one list renders properly now. I’ve copied the code exactly from the working one (just swapped out the id), but it still won’t work. Take a look at this page for example.

This looks like the curly quote issue that happened to another user as well.

On the page you shared, the Listly short code appears with curly quotes like this (copied and pasted from your page):

[listly  id=”Grf” layout=”gallery” show_header=”false” show_author=”false” show_sharing=”false” show_tools=”false” per_page=”3″]

When it should be this:

[listly  id="Grf" layout="gallery" show_header="false" show_author="false" show_sharing="false" show_tools="false" per_page="3"]

Notice the difference in the quote type (curly vs straight). This is tripping up the short code processing in WordPress and shows up as text.

Is there any post editor plugin (or another plugin) that you recently added to your WP that might be converting quotes in the short code into curly quotes each time you edit a post?

This is the second time we are seeing this and we will explore how we can possibly handle it in our own code.

I did indeed read the other person’s post… And tried to do the fix with another example, but it didn’t fix the problem. :frowning: I even tried to remove any formatting, but it still wouldn’t work. I just copied and pasted yours now - though, and it did indeed fix the issue!! Not sure why when I tried to fix it myself (curly to straight quote) it didn’t work.

I don’t know why they randomly transformed to curly within my site. They had been working fine before. Anyway, case closed!

We are looking into how we can protect the plugin from this issue i.e. proactively look for curly quotes in Listly short codes when you save a post and transform curly quotes to regular quotes.

Here’s another plugin developer having the same issue within the last couple of weeks:

Ahhhh… Interesting! Thanks for this! Have a great day - and thanks for fixing my problem. :smile: