Unlimited Tags per Item

Was wondering if there is a reason why you can only have 7 tags on each item. Is there a way to add more?

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@damien-akelman it’s because some folks were misusing it. It became a spam issue and our search results were getting affected. We decided that seven tags should be able to define an item. Can you share an instance where you might want to tag an item with more than seven?


That makes a bunch of sense.

That being said, I work for a school district, and would love to be able to use list.ly to be able to sort and filter some of the resources we have. Like, if a website was good for 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th grade and if it were a resource for math, science, and English. I have a bunch of parameters that I’d like to use, but it’s kind of hard to filter with only 7.

We can see that @damien-akelman. I have initiated a conversation with the product team to see if we can allow our pro users to add more tags. This should satisfy our needs to control spam as well. I will post a follow up asap.

Thanks so much! It’d be a game changer for us!