Update on the progress of the empty box?


I’m wondering if we can get an update on when we will be able to add a box to a list that is not part of the numbering system? You mentioned we would be able to add a stationary box at certain breaks within a list so that we can add things like video, text or even advertising that help the list but are not part of the number system… Any update?

I’m so looking forward to this feature I can’t stand still :smile:


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It’s in the development phase and should be available soon

I will share an update after an internal review on Monday.

This feature is scheduled for release the week of June 15th :smile:

sounds good… I can’t wait to see what features it has… :smile:

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I’m so excited that today is the 15th… :slight_smile: I’m going to stare at my computer till the box with magical properties is released… I hope it’s soon as I haven’t eaten breakfast… GO BOX!

We are working on the release :). It will come out with other goodies. Hope you can hang on there as we get it ready for release this week!

any chance on an update on the new feature releases?


Thanks for your patience. :wink:

This was rolled out this morning along with an updated user experience (hence the delay).

The annotations feature is still beta, but your account has access to it. Look for annotations tab on your lists.

I’m a bit confused, I see the annotations but it seems it is for plain text only… I assumed (bad idea) we would get a box that could import a URL, image, video and text with formatting tools and place it at any position. that way we could add things that make the list stronger or even add advertising if we so wished…

Can you clear this up for me and can we get a list of all the changes in this new version…

Thanks for all the hard work


Actually it’s not just plain text. Type some text it and select it to see the formatting toolbar.

in Firefox I don’t get any formatting bar… during or after inputting text

It works in our test environment on Firefox. To help us reproduce it, can you share the list that you are working with? Also the Firefox version number would help us.

Hi Shyamster

I want to use the annotations tool in a new series of lists I’m building but when I highlight some text to bring up the annotation bar and click on image I only get a little icon with a faint icon in it but nothing asking me to add a picture, and there does not seem to be a way to add a video or a link so this kind of rules out doing any linking or advertising from the annotation box. Am I correct in in my conclusions?

Thanks for your help


Hi Craig, the way images work in that editor is by pasting an URL to an image, selecting that and hitting the image button.

You should then see the image in the annotation

Thanks Shyamster for the reply

I still don’t see how to add an image that I can add a link to… If I can’t link out from an image then pointing to another site or running an advertisement is not going to work… Any chance of making annotations more robust?


My mistake… seems if I add a link to the image URL before I click on the Image button I can link out to another site, but how do I get it to open in a new window so people don’t leave List.y?



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Craig, this is great feedback. We just added a feature to set link out to a new window in annotations. It looks like this: