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I LOVE listly and am very excited to use it extensively for the community we’ve created at Dreamers // Doers (

When individuals sign up for listly - will I be able to get data on who signed up for listly via the lists that I have created? Also, if I have my own sign up flow/account on my website - will it be possible to integrate the two? I.e. having to avoid individuals signing up for an account on our blog AND another account for listly?

Thank you!

At the moment there is no way to auto create a user from a website to Listly - our long term goal is that people are already signed up for Listly (from or from another blog) when they visit you site and they would not have to sign up again.

We are working on providing an unified view of all participants on your lists from your Listly home page, including being able to communicate with them, send newsletters etc. Would be happy to discuss this more so we can solidify our road map.