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Hi, Is there anyway to create a list where people can vote without being logged in to If people can’t participate without being logged in, I can’t expect users to interact/vote.
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We are considering anonymous voting as a feature, but to check with your use case, would you be ok with not knowing who voted?

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Is there an interest in anonymous voting along with signed in voting?

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There are two ways to look at it.

  1. with signed in voting you get info and logins and people to talk to and you get maybe (my guess) 5% of the people voting

  2. anonymous voting, you get nothing other than participation and engagement and maybe 10% of the people voting - but you’ll have more engagement than if you require login.

I know on sites that I have to register for, I will NOT vote unless there’s a major incentive for me to do so.

So my answer would be to set this up as an option so on each list we can choose to have it anonymous or required - that’s the only way we can even test to see which way works best


Sounds great @planetMitch . I probably get less than 1% of viewers voting on my lists even though I spell out how to do it. I have a rockin’ list coming up and would love to test it @shyamster ! :wink:

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Louise, you’re probably right now that I think about it - my estimates are way too high.

Heck, if I get 2k readers on a post, I’m lucky if one comments :smile:

I think anonymous voting is fine as long as each IP Address is prevented from voting on the same list no more than once in 30 days otherwise it just leaves it open to abuse and the search engines will take notice, there’s no doubt about that.

With the new addition of the empty box adding a pitch for people to signup for your newsletter (etc) will be a more powerful tool than getting votes…

So Yelp does this for their reviews

These don’t require logging into Yelp and won’t trigger any spam related issues, but at the same time gives other readers an indication of how much a review has been seen/liked etc.

thoughts? What emotions would you like to attach to your items?

It’s great idea.I aggree with you.

I want to adopt anonymous voting without logging or join!

Can we use anonymous voting now?? I’d like to support such feature on

It’s in the works. Will be out soonish :smile:

Great!!! Hope to see it sooooooon!

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Voting without logging in should be released within the next week or two. Anyone want to have this rolled out to them first before general release? Maybe by this weekend?

I really don’t use Listly for the voting, although I can see it would be useful if you’re trying to get an idea of popularity of something. So long as I can continue to moderate (i.e. avoid spammers) I don’t mind either way.

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This is coming up soon…in less than a week.

  1. Anonymous voting support
  2. Customizable with emojis. create custom sets for your lists
  3. Customize your set for each list

Hello. Any new about this? I can’t find any option to anonymous voting support

We released it to a small number of people and got a lot of feedback on how it could be improved/changed. We are working in it and getting close to be released to a larger audience.

I would very much like to see anonymous voting put into place. It would most certainly help with the level of engagement. Looking forward to seeing this come out.

Any news about this? We’re waiting to long for this feauture. Hope to be available last summer and really I need this for my users.