What's Listly and why you should care!

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Do you know what’s the most prevalent content on the web? More than audio, video, and slides? It’s numbered lists! In fact 30% of all content on the Web is in the form of numbered lists…also known as Listicles in pop culture.

  • Top 10 Everyday Life Hacks in 10 Seconds or Less
  • 7 Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Getting Vulnerable
  • 6 Simple Gluten Free Snack for the Holidays

Why? Because lists are emotional. They are easy to consume. They are fun to share.

Listly makes it easy to make fun lists with a twist. You can embed a Listly anywhere including your own blog. You can ask for contributions from your readers. You can ask them to rank items in your list. You can create conversations around your lists. It’s all built in!

Make Lists on the Go

Get the Listly iOS app and make lists on the go. Listly is the simplest way to create, curate and publish useful lists. Collect links and media for research. Collaborate with friends. Share your interests. Publish lists on your blog or website.

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Listly for Bloggers

Authoring and keeping your numbered HTML lists updated on your blog is tedious. Especially if you want them to be visually appealing across Desktop, Tablet, and the Phone. How does Listly help?

  • Listly is embeddable. On any website, just like a YouTube video.
  • Listly is collaborative. Editable inline by you AND your audience.
  • Listly is responsive. Configures automatically based on device.
  • Listly has layouts. List, Minimal, Gallery, Magazine, Slideshow
  • Listly is social. Engage your audience!
  • Listly is rankable. Opinion matters!
  • Listly is evolvable. Keep your content fresh!

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