What's the progress on the Listly app?

Seems long overdue.


We are working on it as we speak. Should be available before end of summer!

Any updates?? I thought I might have seen a mention of it somewhere.

Yes, we are working on it and it’s been delayed until December :frowning:

Any updates to this topic?
Come on, guys!

Agree it’s embarrassing. We kept pulling back into our platform again and again the last few months despite our best efforts at building a mobile app.

The good news is that since December 1, we have been completely focusing on mobile. All platform initiatives have been shelved unless they directly help mobile development. I will have a firm release date within a week.

Is there any update to the ETA on the mobile app’s launch?

Don’t have specific date yet, but we are really close. I will post a date as soon as I can (within the next couple of weeks). Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak:

Trending Lists

My Lists

Item View

Various Item types you can search/add

Search videos on YT and add to list

Adding Items from other apps

Very nice!
Can’t wait.

Yo, any updates, yo?

We’re in the final sprint. We will plan to post a video of the app working this week.

Any closer? :scream:

Yes, very close. We are filling in the gaps in the feature and have applied to Apple to start external testing. Would you like to participate?

Definitely will participate.

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I would be happy to help with testing. My background is in Software Quality Assurance.

Not having an app is part of the reason I haven’t made much use of list.ly thus far. It would be nice to see if this swayed my opinion.

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Please send an email to support @ list.ly from the email address you would like to receive notifications for the beta test.

@carlton-smith @CrazyCoolThings.com @moakdesigns, can you please send an email to iosbeta@list.ly. We have beta release for your download but we need your email.