Where can I embed Listly?

Hi! I’d like to know of websites that are well integrated with Listly, where I can embed my lists? Besides Wordpress sites, of course. I tried Tackk, at it worked beautifully for a while , but doesn’t anymore. (I opened a thread on that topic before).

So can you suggest some such websites?
Thank you!

Sorry for the delay in responding. Any third party sites that support oEmbed correctly and allow third-party Javascript should be able to embed Listly. To check this, you can use iframely service to see how your Listly list will look embedded. For example, this is one of your Listly lists as seen/embedded by iframely.


If iframely shows your list correctly, I would reach out to Tackk with the above link and ask them why Listly embeds don’t work on Tackk.

If the site does not support third-party Javascript (for example WordPress.com), you can use the Listly iframe embed code. That should work on any site.

Hope this helps!