White-label sign-in

OK, one more suggestion and I’ll cool it :slight_smile:

Have you ever considered white-labeling the sign-in for visitors of users’ sites? What I mean is that people visiting my site might not know what List.ly is. When they click to comment on a list item there is a window that asks them to sign into List.ly. I’m wondering if a premium user could have the option of having that window say, assuming my site was called “XYZ Blog”, Sign in to XYZ Blog. Of course I would understand if you didn’t do this because it limits exposure to your brand but it would create a higher level of comfort for the visitors of your clients’ websites and blogs.

This is not in the road map. Our goal is to get people comfortable signing into Listly. This way as a user goes from one blog that uses Listly to another, they are already signed in and ready to engage. We have had many users that have mentioned to us that this is convenient for them instead of signing into individual blogs.