Why when highlighting the quote URL of the source page doesn't appear in the menu of the Chrome extention?

Why when highlighting the quote URL of the source page doesn’t appear in the menu of the Chrome extention ? I have to copy the URL and paste in manually. I can add this page as item, but there will be two post then, not one

When you highlight a portion of the page, the extension looks for a URL within the highlight and adds that to the item. The URL within the highlight could be different from the page URL.

Potentially, we can improve the experience by adding the page URL if there are no URLs within the highlight. Would that work?

yes, it works perfectly with the same procedure with Storify browser extention, but the volume of the highlighted text is maximum 2-3 sentences there, I was looking for a curation tool for collectiong larger quotes and found only one another- Listly, if you add this URL feature, it will be very convenient

We have pushed out a new version of Chrome Extension that will take the URL of the page if the selected text does not include a URL. Your extension should update automatically when it’s published on Google Chrome Store.

Thanks for the feedback and the help with improving our tools.

Thank you very much, Mr Shyamster! I have just highlighted the text from a facebook post and an URL link automatically appeared in the chrome extention menu! I have written a review of List.ly for russian NGOs here

Another question. When I have only one list, why does the menu of the chrome extention every time ask me to choose the list for publishing my text fragment ?

You are correct in that the extension makes you pick a list to save even if you have only one list. This is because it provides an option to make a new one as you type the name of a list.

But once you pick a list, the extension should save it until you change it. For example, whenever I activate the Listly extension, I have the last saved to list automatically show up like this:

Do you see something else? Does the List come up as blank for you every time?

Ok, thank you. Sometimes it shows my list automatically, sometimes it asks to choose from one,

The last list is stored in the browser - so if you use the extension from a different computer it might prompt you. If you see it in the same browser, please post again and we will open a ticket to check and fix any bugs. Thanks!