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@shyamster there’s no longer the “no lists” found problem, but I’ve been testing for about 15 minutes and tho I have 30+ lists in my listly account, the “random” option is only showing my latest list.

It also still has all the headers and junk on it. Even if I de-select them in the widget, the junk at the top of the list still shows making this useless. All I want is the list name and the items – see this image http://cl.ly/2e1M0H3c3D0G

Here are my settings: http://cl.ly/1M2X3r0i2w0N

and I’m on listly plugin version 2.3 which is the latest I believe. And I cleared the listly cache in the plugin settings

  1. Deselected items in a widget (header, footer etc): This is a bug - the sidebar widget in the WordPress plugin is not passing the right parameter to the server. We are fixing it.

  2. The random feature looks for lists within your last 20 posts on the site (not all of your listly lists). We are enhancing this by showing immediately how many Listly list posts are there in the last “20”, “30”, “40” posts. We are also considering random from all of your Listly lists (don’t need to be in posts) as an alternative setting.

    a) From my last 20, 30, 40, 50 posts (4 found) OR
    b) From all of my Listly lists

Sorry for slow reply - thought I was getting notifications in email but I’m not… anyway

My assumption as a blogger was that the plugin would give me random lists from listly - never understood the “How many latest posts to check for Listly list:” dropdown anyway - now I understand you’re looking in MY posts. Sorry never would have thought of that as I was assuming “random list” means pulling from Listly.

No wonder it has never worked the way I expected and I keep getting frustrated.

Updated to the new version - THANK YOU for making time - better in that it is pulling in random, but let me show you how it looks on my site and why I don’t think I can use it even with the improvements… here’s a short video:

By the way, I note that changing the “Layout” dropdown from List to Minimal to Gallery makes no visible difference in the look of the items in the list

Mitch, thanks for the screencast! It’s great to see things form a user perspective. We are planning the next version of the sidebar. I know that we’ve been only making incremental changes to it, but we’re hoping to evolve it each week. Please watch out for another version early next week which should address the issues you mentioned in the screencast

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Thanks (got an email this time)… will mark my calendar to check for a new version :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I have the same issue with the Listly widget. I delete caché but the widget appears like this:

I have no more option and the result in the web is:
“No Listly list found. Get cracking and make some now!”

What can I do to fix the problem. I’ve just downloaded the plugin today the last version so…

Thanks for your help!

@agoraabierta, do you have Listly lists already embedded on your site? I cannot seem to find any Listly lists embedded in your posts at http://agorabierta.com.

The “list of lists” feature will find posts on your site that have a Listly embedded in them and point to them. You can try embedding one of your lists in a post and then try to use this widget to see how it works.

Are you hoping that the widget will show a list of lists pointing to your lists on list.ly? We don’t support that on “list of lists” feature.

Thanks for your answer. I’m looking, as you say, for a widget with list of list pointing to my lists on list.ly. Hope you make it soon!

Just checking in… 11 days ago you said a new version would be out in a few days. Just checked and I don’t see anything.

Actually, there’s an update that has not been pushed to WordPress yet. We’re still testing it, but you’re welcome to try it out before that. It’s in the attached zip file. We are also working on making our repo on GitHub public so people can contribute, add issues etc.

listly-wordpress-plugin-master.zip (1.8 MB)

Ok, thanks - downloaded, deleted old, installed 2.5 - see whole bunch of new settings… picked Random and this: All my listly lists (found 35 lists) (so it sees my lists!)

in sidebar I get error:
List referred to not found on Listly. A typo maybe?
Discover more lists at //list.ly

p.s. I deleted listly cache and my site’s cache multiple times and selected some checkboxes for headings etc… no change

Mitch, we will have an answer today to this. If this is causing issues with the site, please revert back to the released version.

Mitch, we have released an updated version fixing random widget setting. Plugin package attached.

listly-2.5.zip (18.1 KB)


Thanks for your sharing. It does help us a lot.

I will try it soon.


Thanks for the sharing. can anybody tell me how to set custom HTML in the custom bar.

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