Add To Listly Via Zapier

Zapier integration is in beta. Feel free to try it out and give us feedback.

You need:

  1. A Zapier invite:
  2. API Key from your Listly settings page:

Zapier lets your reuse data and events. One example is to turn events and data (this is stuff your business or your community are already creating across in 400+ leading web apps) and to repurpose that data into Listly in the form of an embeddable list.

If your list is embedded and Zapier detects new content in the source app, it will add that event/data to Listly according to the rules you define. Your blog post will also be updated.

Save to your lists on Listly:

  • Your tweeted links
  • You Instagram faves
  • Posts via RSS feeds
  • Add new slidedecks from Slideshare
  • Curate your own video Playlists from YouTube

400 apps give you lots of ideas.

The possibilities are endless…

The content does not need to be yours, you could be curating UGC and send it to your blog where you can share and build more traffic/engagement.

Here are some sample zaps that collect cool stuff into Listly lists:

My Tweeted Links -

My Instagram Faves -

Startup Reading (aggregated via RSS multiple blogs into a Listly List) -

My Instagram Photos -

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Can’t find Listly in Zapier directory.
Am I forgeting something ?

Please use this beta link to access Listly on Zapier:

Ok, Listly wasn’t listed as trigger App but I don’t need it as trigger app anyway.
Thank you so much it’s gonna be great :wink:

I hope you’ll get approved soon :smile:

Hey! Did you all end up finishing your integration with Zapier?

@k-473 for some reason this integration never took off in popularity, but you can use this link to start using Listly with Zapier:

When we have enough people using Zapier, the integration will be published.

Awesome! Out of curiosity - what platform did you build this forum with? It’s beautiful.

@k-473 it’s Discourse ->


this option is too expensive. It would be acceptable if there is no “Tasks 1,000 per month”, because it is not enough (RSS to Listly).

Will you support IFTTT soon?


@dinko-duric a year ago IFTTT we explored IFTTT and they were not too eager to support us. Not sure if things have changed. We have reached out to them again just now and hoping to hear back from them soon. Will update this thread in couple of days

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Having trouble with the last step with setting up Zapier for Listly from OneNote. Waiting desperately like most of the world for Listly to come to Android. Until then, I’d like to trigger a note I sent from my feeds on OneNote with Zapier through to Listly.

In the template section of Zapier, none of the setup options seem to work to provide the URL Listly needs.

Link (required) A url to save to Listly. This will be typically a field in the trigger (source). Listly will extract appropriate data from the link to create the item.

My choices in OneNote are: Title, Details Note, Parent Section Name, Created Time, ID, Parent Section ID. I was sure that Title and Details note would work but both report failure.

I save all my notes to OneNote, so it made sense for me to create a trigger from OneNote to Listly, but what would be another work around for sending directly from Android to Listly until an app is available for us?

Suggestions? Thanks!!!

@lorelleonwordpress save action on Zapier saves a link. We save the data associated with the link into an item. In your case, you don’t have a link. We can add another action in Zapier that will work with a title and details. I’ll post an update soon