7 Ways to add items to your list

Here are the many ways you can add items to your Listly:

Using the Listly iPhone App (Android Coming Soon!)

  1. With the Listly App installed on your phone, you can share any media or links from any other app to Listly - thus making and collecting items in lists on the go. Want to learn what’s possible with the Listly App? Read More.

Download the Listly iOS app

On the Listly Web App:

  1. Quick Add. Quick Add is available to owners of the list right on the list page. With Quick Add, you can author multiple items and save them all together. Here’s a tutorial on how to use Quick Add.

  2. Ask People To Contribute. A reader of your list can contribute items to your list, which you can in turn moderate. Here’s how your readers can add to your list. Here’s how you can moderate items in your list.

  3. CSV Import. You can import items from a CSV file. Items will be imported in the background and your list will be updated once the import is done. Here’s how to use CSV Import.

Browser Bookmarklet and Extensions

  1. Chrome Extension. With the Chrome Extension, you can add one or more items from a page you are browsing, to a list on Listly. You can choose to “bookmark” the page as an item or select text and images from within the page to add as items to a list. To install (and watch a video tutorial) visit Chrome Store.

  2. Bookmarklet. For browsers other than Chrome, the Listly Bookmarklet allows you to add a page you are browsing as an item to a Listly list. For an overview and installation help, see help on Listly Bookmarklet.

Automation Workflow

  1. Use Zapier. Zapier lets you automate additions to your list based on events that occur outside Listly. For example, you can add all links you tweet into a list on Listly without ever visiting the Listly website. Zapier supports hundreds of services including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & RSS. Here’s how you can use Zapier with Listly.

Not enough? Have an idea for getting your items into your Listly? Post a new topic in our features category

Here are the videos for each instruction. Watch them to get a better idea of how to add items to your list.

Adding multiple items to your list quickly.

Contributing to other people’s lists.

Using the Chrome Extension


Bulk Import

CSV Import

Use Zapier

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