Import Items from CSV into Listly (Excel, Google Docs)

If you have a list in a spreadsheet format elsewhere, you can import them via CSV Import. CSV Import is a premium feature available to premium lists only. Note: Your first three lists are free premium lists so you have access to this feature on these lists.

The CSV import option is part of the Add Item Toolbar at the bottom of your list page

Remember to prepare your file with the appropriate column header line as seen below, otherwise the CSV import will fail

Click on Upload to upload the prepared CSV file

After you upload your CSV file, we will process it in the background and send you an email when it’s imported. So make sure you have the right email address in your user settings page. You can also track the progress right there on the list page if you are importing a fairly small file.

Can you import into multiple lists from one CSV file? Or is there another good way to programmatically create a bunch of lists at once?

Currently, there’s no way to import into multiple lists from one CSV file, but this is something we can see as being useful. Can you share your specific use case to see if we can get something going for you?

There is also an API for people that want to create/import into lists programatically.

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