Contributing to Other People's Lists

Listly exists as a collaborative social platform to build the best crowd-sourced, ranked lists on the web. One of the best ways to get to know Listly is to make suggestions and contributions to other people’s lists.

A few ground rules:

  • Don’t suggest stuff that’s already on the list. Search/scan the list and make sure your contribution does not create additional work for the owner of the list.

  • Promote yourself and your product, but make sure it’s relevant and useful to the owner and audience for the list.

  • Don’t suggest stuff that’s not directly relevant. If you have orthogonal ideas, make a new list.

  • Do read any instructions the list owner may have provided in terms of contributions she is expecting from her audience.

  • And lastly, be nice and have fun!

How to add to other people’s list

  1. Visit the list and scroll to the section below the header with the button “Add To List”

  1. In the popup lightbox, pick the type of item you plan to add. In this case, we are adding a video from Youtube, so we pick Video.

  1. Paste the URL from YouTube

  1. Edit Title, description, tags, upload a different image if desired and hit save!

That’s it. If the list is moderated, then the owner of the list will have to approve your addition to the list.

Editing an item you previously added

As a contributor of this item, you can come back and keep this item up to date by editing it and making changes

  1. Click on the arrow at the top right of the item

  1. Select Edit Item to edit/update the item copy, image, and URL