Customizing Pro List: Images vs. Numbers

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I was wondering if there’s any way to replace the numbering on a minimal list with a image bullet. Since we embed our lists into our site, it’d be great if that was a customizable option so it would better match our site design. Thanks.

Can you share your embed with us so we can take a look? Also would these images be numbers or just plain squares or circles? Would be great to see visually what kind of customization you are looking to achieve.

Sorry for the delay; I didn’t notice that support moved to!

Apparently new users can’t upload images here, so here’s a link to a screen shot of what we’re trying to accomplish:

We have a site that’s heavily branded/styled. Right now we have lists that we manually maintain by updating the page’s code, etc. It’d be awesome if we can semi-automate this by using, but editing the style so it matches the site.

We’re exploring supporting this. Also the list format is terse (just the title). Do you plan to make lots of lists like that?

We currently have about 7 lists on our site that we’d love to be able to configure the format for. We may expand that in the future.

Just curious, is there a feature to where we can remove the numbering in a list. I like to have a list with no numbers beside each listed item. If not, is there a work around solution? Thank you.

Hello Shyamster, just checking back regarding my inquiry about removing the numbering in the list and whether it is possible? Thanks.

@media-excerpts, yes it’s possible to lose the numbers in an embed. When you customize the embed code, turn off the corresponding switch. See this article:

Essentially, this adds a data attribute to the embed tags ( show_item_numbers=“false”) that looks like this in various types of embeds. See examples below. You can add this data attribute manually to your existing Listly embeds on your site.

WordPress Embed

[listly  id="11" layout="full" per_page="25" show_item_numbers="false"]

JS Embed

<div style='text-align:left' id='ly_wrap_11'><script type='text/javascript' src=''></script></div>

Iframe Embed

<iframe src='' seamless width=700 height=2500 style='border:none' scrolling=''/>

Super fantastic! Thank you very much!

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