How do I add a PDF to a list? Can I attach a list to Google Classroom?


How do I add a PDF to a list? When I try to add the link to the PDF there are all these symbols that just don’t make sense to me?

Addtionally, how do I attach this list to Google Classroom.


We are working on PDF support, which should be available later this week.

Regarding Google Classroom, you can embed the list in an iframe. See iframe code section on this how to: Getting and Customizing Embed Code for a List


@amypierce we are supporting PDF links now. Just choose “Link” and paste a PDF URL and we detect it and show the PDF in place of the image.

Also, did you manage to embed Listly in Google Classroom? We are very interested in making sure you are able to do that. For example, this is the code you’d use to embed your list in Google Classroom page:

<iframe src='' seamless width=700 height=2500 style='border:none' scrolling=''/>

You can of course customize the layout and get your own embed code as well from your list page.


will it be soon? adding pdf that’s from computer, not in url


Currently we have support to add PDF as a link. If you upload the PDF to Google Drive or to Dropbox, you can link to it using the share url. We have plans to support direct PDF uploads, but this will probably happen in the next 1-2 months. Meanwhile, you can upload and link.

Any specific reason why uploading to Dropbox/Google Drive does not work for you in the short term?


ok, i will put them in google drive until you support direct pdf, thanks for the alternative solution