Listly For Bloggers (OR why make your lists as a Listly)

How does Listly save time and effort when making lists/listicles for your blog?

It might seem making a list as a blog post seems quicker. In fact, if you are making a list as a WordPress post once (publish and forget), you should stick to making them as posts. On the other hand, if you want your lists to continue to evolve and produce more engagement over time, read on.

With Listly you can do the following:

  • Allow your readers to contribute items to your list (they don’t need editor privileges on your WordPress). This makes your list more social.

  • Your readers can vote on items on your list. You can make the list in a particular order and voting will change the order of the list (ranked lists). Your readers can share/tweet individual items from the list. They can comment on each item in the list.

  • You can choose from different layouts anytime (slideshow, list, gallery, magazine). Your readers can switch layouts anytime as well. More: Choosing a Layout For Your Lists

  • You can embed the list you created in multiple websites without copying text/html from your WordPress post. For example, if you make a list of products with affiliate links, you can quickly embed that list in multiple websites with your affiliate links intact. Profit more from Listly.

  • You can evolve the list using Listly Chrome Extension. While browsing, you can use the Extension to add to any of your existing Listly lists. As you add them, the updated list shows up on your blog (as well as any other sites it is embedded in). In fact there are 7 ways to add items to your list and keep it fresh: More: 7 Ways to add items to your list

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